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Lu Parker and Architect of Change Russell Simmons on His New Wellness Studio

I created The PATH with Lu Parker as a way to share stories of how certain individuals are making big change in our communities and our world. Russell Simmons is one of those people.

I did not know much about Russell prior to him opening Tantris. The yoga center is in my neighborhood, so I had the unique experience of meeting him while out on a run with my dog. From the moment I met Russell, I felt his intensity for life, for people, and for his passions. One of his many passions is the science of yoga and mediation. His hope is to spread it like wildfire. I trust he has the energy, insight and community support to make it happen, but in the end, the fact he is brave enough to even walk this path is a huge sign of hope for all of us. Watch my interview to learn about Russell, his practice and his new wellness center:

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