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Many people believe kindness is a weakness, but Lu Parker believes it is your strength! Whether at home, on the job, or when we are alone and quiet, the way we relate to others and to ourselves affects our well-being.


After experiencing a traumatic situation that involved her being punished for trying to help a stranger, Lu tells the heart-wrenching story of how she almost gave up on being kind to others but instead turn a bad situation into a positive by forming a lifestyle media company around kindness.


The lessons she learned from the unfortunate experience have taught her three life-altering lessons that she shares with audiences so they too can understand the power of self-care and kindness while facing adversity.

Learning Outcomes
  • How to let go of the need to be perfect

  • Building courage to let go of the urge to control everything and everyone

  • Learning to listen to others and yourself

Lu is incredibly interactive with her audience, asking questions along the way and ends each session with a group affirmation.


Do you feel overwhelmed in your life? Are you trying to do too much or give too much to others? Are you stuck in a career or a relationship you hate?


What if we just stopped for a minute and re-evaluated our priorities? Are you focusing on YOUR goals and dreams? Are you trying to fix things that are out of your control? Sometimes we focus so much on other people that we forget to take care of ourselves.


The truth about giving too much in a relationship is that we are often actually manipulating the other person. We are over-giving instead of having the courage to ask for our needs to be met.


In this engaging and empowering keynote, Lu Parker shares personal experiences from her life growing up in the South to being crowned Miss USA. She gets serious and shares her struggles of being the daughter of an alcoholic father and then years later finding herself in an addicted relationship. She'll take what she learned from her painful experiences and give you the tools to incorporate strength and confidence into your life in order to overcome your obstacles.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn to recognize triggers and how to deal with them

  • How to incorporate self-care and kindness so you will be empowered to say no

  • Identify when you are trying to control someone else's behavior

  • Begin to listen to your gut and make healthy decisions

Lu is incredibly interactive with her audience, asking questions along the way and ends each session with a group affirmation.


To achieve your dreams and life goals, you must get focused! It's sort of like selling Girl Scout cookies. If you sell a certain amount of cookies, you are awarded a prize. Lu Parker learned at an early age that setting small goals to reach big ones was key to finding the success she craved. She went on to become a high school teacher, was crowned Miss USA and is now an Emmy Award-Winning TV News anchor in Los Angeles and founder of the lifestyle media company Be Kind & Co.


How does she continue to make strides? Lu helps audiences walk through a plan that makes it clear that success has to do with consistent baby steps, hard work when others are playing, and being kind to others.

Learning Outcomes
  • How to say YES to opportunity

  • How to navigate obstacles

  • How to not care if you fail

  • What "letting go of fear" looks like

  • How to be more daring in your life

Lu is incredibly interactive with her audience, asking questions along the way and ends each session with a group affirmation.

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As an Emmy Award-Winning tv journalist, Lu has thousands of hours of experience interviewing people on a wide variety of topics. Whether it's business, celebrity, wellness, financial, corporate, women's issues, sports or education, Lu brings the interview to life on stage with an engaging ability to bring out the best in people.

Lu is available to serve as panel moderator, one-on-one interviews, and/or event host.


Afraid to be on stage or to speak to the media? Hire Lu to transform you, your team, or CEO into captivating presenters. Lu specializes in coaching you or your team to conquer stage fright and deliver compelling presentations. She also provides expert media training to prepare you for interviews and offers assistance with hosting or speaking engagements. For pricing information, please contact us directly.

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"Lu Parker is an incredible speaker with a big heart. From introductions to commentary, the evening was seamless. She is a true pro."

Carrie N. Callahan

Claire's Place Foundation Redondo Beach, California

"With a crowd of nearly 300, Lu hosted the Rose Queen Coronation, engaging the audience perfectly. She was a joy to work with, was prepared...

Amy Wainscott

President Pasadena Tournament of Roses

"I can't remember an industry event I've enjoyed more. Plus, my customers I invited were raving about how entertained they were. Lu Parker....

Scot Fishkin

Institute of Real Estate Management Los Angeles, Member

“Out of all the key takeaways, this insight from Emmy Award-winning journalist and former Miss USA Lu Parker, rings true and speaks....

Ellie Johnson

President of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New York Properties

"Her message is universal and can go across any industry that would be interested in hiring her to motivate their talent and get people...

Jeanette Arthur

Relocation Director for Berkshire Hathaway Philadelphia.

"Lu did a tremendous job! It takes a lot of guts to come up and tell something that personal, that well."

Kenneth Jenny

Managing Partner Mediatise, LLC Orange County, CA

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