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Architects of Change Lu Parker & Moby Talk about The Path of Life

I have been intrigued by Moby for many years. I met him originally in 2014 at a vegan event in Los Angeles, and was impressed with his demeanor and dedication to animal welfare. That encounter was one of the main reasons I chose to reach out to him when I created The Path with Lu Parker.

As a journalist for over 20 years, it is my desire to use my television experience through The Path to now bring attention to individuals who are using their voice to make change in our world.

Moby invited me to his home to talk about many topics including his recently released book entitled Porcelain: A Memoir This is his first book, and it chronicles his life from 1989-1999 while living in NYC during the underground hip hop and house music scenes.

During my interview with the award-winning musician, I found him to be clever, reflective, and sometimes even a bit vulnerable. Moby, who is a self-described bald hippy takes to Instagram and Facebook daily tackling topics of living a vegan lifestyle for nearly 30 years, animal activism, politics and music. This year, the singer-songwriter, musician and DJ opened a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles called Little Pine. All the proceeds go to help animal advocacy groups. I took my Dad there for lunch this summer and loved every bite and sip. In the bulk of my sit down interview for The Path with Lu Parker that airs on KTLA, Moby and I also discussed his path and how he feels it has taken major turns throughout his life. He admits dating is sometimes difficult, and he tries to temper his fears by facing the fear head on.

Moby and I also agreed about the importance of getting quiet in our hectic lives. He shared a little insight on how he turns to meditation to get focused.

Moby admits to me he never envisioned himself writing a book, but some would say the art of writing is actually a bit in Moby’s DNA. Moby revealed to me he is related to a very famous novelist. Can you guess who it is and how the name Moby stuck?

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