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When A Monk Goes Viral

Have you ever met someone who inspired you so much, it changed the path of your life?

It is exactly what happened to Jay Shetty who is a very successful millennial content creator and motivational speaker with millions of followers on Facebook.

At age 18, Jay went to hear a monk speak while living in London. The event shifted his life vision and years later, after studying under that same monk in India, Jay’s life changed again when his teacher encouraged him to return home and leave his monk life. What happened next, surprised everyone.

I recently sat down with Jay at Wanderlust Studios in Hollywood. He tells me his goal is to make “wisdom go viral.”

A Former Monk Turned Social Media Star

Jay also talks about setting daily intentions and how it can create success in your life.

Jay tells this fun story of the first thing he learned in monk school in India.

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