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Saying Goodbye To A Child

Have you ever heard a story about something really tragic happening to someone but somehow that person finds a way to turn pain into love? I experienced it in real life this month when I interviewed Eric and Jana David who lost their 10 year old son Dylan to brain cancer. The Los Angeles couple, who also has a 17 year old son, Chandler, were super brave and appeared on KTLA this month to share their heartbreaking journey. I wanted to help them tell their story because these two individuals are not only helping to educate others about childhood cancer, they are also using their talents to comfort others who are experiencing similar situations.

Shortly after Dylan’s death, Jana started sewing quilts, but not just any quilt. These particular quilts are made from the t-shirts of children who have died from cancer. Through her non-profit Jana then shares those quilts with families who have lost a loved one. To date, she has made nearly 40 quilts. She admits she could always use volunteers and donations to help with materials, postage, and marketing.

Eric is a writer and documented Dylan’s entire six year journey from diagnosis, to 3 brain surgeries to ultimately having to say goodbye. He tells the story that while Dylan was in the hospital, he looked at his Dad and said….”Please tell people, Remember just to love.” As you might expect, that is now the title of Eric’s manuscript.

Watching Eric and Jana as individuals and as a couple, inspired me and reminded me that we are all on a journey together. Our paths may be different, but the way we influence one another to react to the bumps in the road is the key. In the end, as Dylan continues to remind us, love conquers all.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

To find Eric David on Facebook: To donate to Jana’s Go Fund Me page: Dylan’s brother Chandler:

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