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One KIND World

I have always believed in the power of kindness. During the last couple weeks, an incredible amount of people have stepped up to lend a voice, a helping hand, and a written word to the worldwide movement of Black Lives Matter. What we have seen and felt has poured over into our hearts, homes, and neighborhoods.

What I do know is that I am on board with the heightened message, and I plan to continue with my passion of spreading the word about the importance of being kind to one other.

This past week, while interviewing a local Los Angeles Pastor for KTLA, I asked him what he suggests we do to help as a community. Part of his answer was that we can start by being kind. When we hear someone say something derogatory, or with racist undertones, call them out. He also said that we should choose our words carefully, and teach our children that we are all equal, regardless of any differences in appearance. I loved when he suggested we look inside ourselves to find prejudices we may have in our hearts and then try to soften those.

Remember, we are taught to judge, critique, and hate. We are not born that way. We are ALL born kind. Unlearn what you may have been taught, and then go out and LOVE — BE KIND — SHOW RESPECT— and oh yeah, wear your mask.

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