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Kindness is the oil that takes friction out of life

I believe we need kindness in the world more than ever these days. With so much anxiety and negativity invading our communities, our families, and our hearts, it’s time to focus on a simple yet powerful gift we all have inside. It’s the ability to give kindness, expecting nothing in return.

On June 1st, I am honored to be speaking at the Me. Life. Balance. Women’s Conference in Anaheim. Along with four other speakers, we will spend the day with hundreds of women talking about life balance, healthy living, nutrition, and kindness. It is an opportunity for women to take a day for themselves and spend it with friends sharing what’s important to them and finding out how simple adjustments can make huge change.

My focus will be a concept I have been mulling over for 6 months now centered around #kindnesswins. In the end, when all else fails, kindness heals. Kindness also brings people together, and kindness helps us to sometimes see maybe what another person may be struggling with in their lives.

I will discuss:

☑ How we can be kind to ourselves. ☑ How we can be kind to others. ☑ The difference between being Nice and being Kind. ☑ How we can feel kindness arising and how not to second guess it.

If you have the time, I would love to see you at this event and share the day with you. Tickets are on sale now.

Until then, follow me at FaceBook @luparker and Instagram @luparkerla

See you soon!!!!

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