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I absolutely love a good shopping outing! It is always such fun to get the chance and the time to go buy a new outfit or a beautiful pair of boots. There is something special about the feeling of being able to choose our own unique style. Whether you like your wardrobe to include a slight edge, or you feel more comfortable in the modern sleek look, the choices are endless. But, did you know women and men can put their best foot forward while at the same time opting to buy and wear brands that are cruelty-free and vegan? More and more designers and brands are stepping up and making a statement to say cruelty-free is cool! It is an easy decision for shoppers if you know what to look for.

Just recently, I made a commitment to never buy another leather handbag. It may sound silly and outlandish to some, but really I believe it will keep me focused on my end goal of not just choosing a vegan diet but also living an authentic vegan lifestyle.

To help give us some new insight, I interviewed Los Angeles based Fashion Stylist Christina Sewell about what options are now available for customers. We discussed vegan brands that offer everything from shoes, skirts, jackets and fabulous vegan leather handbags.

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If you want more information about the products we discussed on the KTLA segment, I have listed everything below for you.

Remember, taking one step at a time by making smart choices will help to make our world a more kind and humane place to live. #imaginekindness

For more on Fashion Stylist Christina Sewell, follow her @BraveheartHabitat on Instagram.






1. SUSI Studio *NEW* ankle boots Website:

2. David Lerner vegan leather leggings; retail $168 Website:

3. PAWJ short boots (UGG alternative), retail: $129.99 Website:

4. Pixie Mood Greta Work Tote (sustainable cork and vegan leather); retail: $98 Website:

5. Hipsters for Sisters Classic Belt Bag pineapple leather fanny pack; Retail: $295 Website:

6. Nicora Shoes Wynonna Boot (vegan leather and faux suede); retail $364 Website: Social: IG @nicorashoes; Twitter @nicorashoes

7. Mink vegan leather ostrich print ballerina flat (exotic skins alternative); retail $175 Website:

8. Delikate Rayne’s vegan leather skirts (white and black); retail $175 Website:

9. Von Holzhausen Technik-Leather The Market Tote; retail: $295 Website:

10. Hoodlamb Men’s Nordic Parka for him; retail: $548 Website:

11. Wully Outerwear Doe Parka for her; retail: $599 Website:

12. Angela and Roi handbags; Eleanor Satchel retail $220 – Sunday mini tote retail $165 Website:

13. Vaute The Belden Future; retail $575 Website:

14. Sydney Brown Crepe Derby Oxfords; Retail: $295 Website:

15. Brave Gentleman faux suede worker boots (sold at LA based Mooshoes); retail $305 Website: //

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