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A Kick in the Reboot

Sometimes you just need a reminder to reboot and get rid of bad habits. I did that this past week by completing 5 days of Elissa Goodman’s Soup Cleanse. One week later, I feel a change. First of all, I am lighter physically and mentally. While I may have lost a few pounds, I have gained some incredibly important health knowledge. As a vegan, most people assume I already eat fairly clean and healthy, but just like all of us, I am guilty of eating too much sugar, too many servings a day, and even falling into that pattern of needing to depend on a latte daily. The process this week for me was an interesting and beautiful journey that I enjoyed beyond belief. (among some slight hunger pains…ha)

Elissa describes her 5 day Soup Cleanse as “a gentle cleanse, designed to remove processed foods, added sugars, simple carbohydrates, (“white foods”), and unhealthy fats from your diet. This program introduces super foods, anti-inflammatory foods, and alkaline foods that can benefit you.”

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Elissa began to look at food differently after becoming a cancer survivor and after losing her husband to complications of cancer. Her story is extraordinary and her mission is spot on. When I took on Elissa’s cleanse challenge, I did not do it to lose weight, rather to inspire and educate myself through her passion and knowledge.

The food for the first 3 days of the cleanse is delivered to your house on Sunday evening in a box and all is packaged primarily in cool labeled mason jars. She also includes instructions for the week, detox tea bags, probiotics, pickled vegetables, and hemp and sunflower seeds to add to the soups for addtional protein.

Even though it is called a Soup Cleanse, you also eat Elissa’s homemade salads with delicious dressings, Super Seed bars, and healing broths. You begin the day with a detox tonic (I added chloropyll to this) You end the day typically with a healing tonic or latte. One is made with Turmeric and Astragalus. The other is made with Reishi and Cacao (My favorite because it tasted like hot chocolate)

Many people asked if I still worked out while doing the cleanse. The answer is yes, but I paid more attention to what my body could handle. Monday night, I did my regular spin class and felt great. Tuesday I was a little tired, and got hungry during the day so I chose to make this day a lighter workout day and went on a nice late afternoon walk with my dog. Wednesday, I felt stronger and chose to do a hot yoga class. I have to admit, my focus and balance in class felt more grounded than usual. I could not help but attribute that to the cleanse. This night I added a small vegan protein shake to the mix when I got home. Elissa encourages that especially if you are physically active during the cleanse. Thursday, I took the day off from exercise and Friday morning I did a Bar Method class that felt great. By Friday afternoon, my energy level was off the charts, and remember I had cut out all coffee. My only caffeine was the green tea in the morning. Again, hard not to attribute that unforeseen energy to the cleanse.

Things I learned this week:

1. I will continue to assess my relationshiop to food and what that means. Some nutritionists suggest that when you find yourself getting ready to eat something unhealthy or wanting to eat excessively, ask yourself why you feel the need to do so. Is it really about the food or something else you are dealing with emotionally? Try asking yourself this next time. It can be interesting.

2. Having “prepared and healthy” food available is key to success. Whether you use a service or do it at home, finding yourself without a healthy clean snack or meal can only mean you will head down the wrong path or to the vending machine.

3. I will continue to educate myself on what’s out there to keep my diet creative and interesting.

4. I will remind myself this: Think of your body as a beautiful intricate machine that you are responsible for fueling. What will you fill in with? Processed sugars? Meats filled with pesticides and medications? Processed and canned foods that include massive amounts of sodium and genetically modified organisms? OR food that is alive and green and benefits your organs, skin and brain.?? (The same goes for all of you who have children. What are you feeding them?) Please read labels!

5. I will trust that I can make a change for the better. It’s a never ending journey to health and knowledge. I love treating myself to that.

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