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Lu chats sexy styles and her #1 passion with Liberte Chan of KTLA

Lu Parker is a Southern belle who has laid down roots in the City of Angels.  In her 20s, she was crowned Miss South Carolina and Miss USA, but her beauty is much more than just skin deep. Soaring through life with a smile on her face and a contagious laugh, Lu anchors the 1pm and 3pm news on KTLA.  She always looks classy and professional… but allows a little edge from her rocker and boho-chic side to shine through.  Every year she seems to grow — both professionally and spiritually — and as her good friend and coworker, I can tell you that she inspires me every day.  Here are her secrets to looking and feeling her best.


Q: What’s your on-air signature look?  What are your favorite brands or places to shop?

A: As a News Anchor, I have to very aware of what I wear and the appearance I portray.   I prefer to combine a style of classic with a splash of trendy -sexy.  I often wear dresses and designs from Calvin Klein and BCBG.   I also like to find separates at Banana Republic.

Q: What does your weekend wardrobe consist of and how is it different from when you’re on the clock?  

A: Gosh, I am all about a mix of rock-n-roll and hippy chic.  I love to wear items from All Saints, Anthropologie, and bohemian themed stores.

Q: What advice can you give working women who are looking to incorporate some of their personal style into their working environment, without crossing the line and looking inappropriate?

A: Always keep it classy but throw in some pleather skirts/pants, or maybe a lace tank top, and don’t forget the platform shoe.  Heels are a must…

Q: What are your top 5 products that you always keep in your makeup bag? 

Q: How do you balance your work life, with your social life, and being one of the best doggie moms in town?   

A: Thank you.  I am all about balance.  I get plenty of sleep which I think is key to a happy and healthy life.  I say NO when I feel overwhelmed.  I attempt to mediatate daily.  I workout at least 5 times a week and spend time outdoors.  I surround myself with positive and good people.  I stay grateful that I have a fantastic job in the best city in the country.

Q: You also run a successful non-profit that you began in 2010.  Over the years, you’ve helped thousands of rescue animals at local shelters.  Why is it so important to you?    

A: It is simple.  It is my passion.  I am obsessed with animals and always have been since a young girl.  My parents were very open and allowed me to save and rescue animals in the neighborhood-even injured squirrels, mice, and dogs.  They are the voiceless.  I am lucky to be able to use my voice to bring attention to the thousands of helpless beautiful animals that are put to death every day in animal shelters.  It breaks my heart that I cannot save them all, but we are doing our best to educate and encourage people to adopt-don’t buy.

Twitter: @luparker

Instagram: LuParkerLA

Lu Parker Project:

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